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When you don't want to deal with messy paintbrushes and stubborn painter's tape, Painter's Edge & Drywall Repair LLC is here for you. We offer exterior and interior painting services for homeowners and business owners in Jacksonville, FL. You'll work with our interior and exterior painters every step of the way to ensure your property looks exactly how you imagined.

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Full-service painting done right

Painter's Edge & Drywall Repair is the only painting contractor you'll need to call to complete your painting project. Our exterior and interior painting services cover the entire process, including:

Prepping the area: covering any furniture or flooring and cleaning or pressure washing outdoor surfaces
Repairing any damage: taking care of any drywall repairs, wall texturing and priming to get the surface ready for paint
Applying the paint: rolling, brushing or spraying on your choice of paint or stain to achieve your ideal color

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